wka12-7-5f2-8pk Replacement Battery (non-OEM)
WKA12-7.5F2 Replacement
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Contains 8 batteries. Brand new replacement batteries for the WKA12-7.5F2 (12 volt, 7.5ah, F2 Terminal). This is a not an original OEM battery but a substitute that is designed to meet or exceed the original battery and specifications. Commonly used for APC, CyberPower, Tripplite and many other brands of UPSs, this 8 pack of batteries is brand new and comes with a 1 year warranty from This battery contains a proprietary grid alloy formula allowing for improved performance from the battery. AGM (absorbed glass mat) construction allows for maintenance-free operation when properly connected to a UPS or other suitable device. This is a pack of EIGHT - 12V, 7.5aH sealed lead-acid battery with a .1875 inch terminal (or commonly referred to as a "T1" faston terminal). Each battery has a dimension of 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.74. Model may be upgraded to the higher capacity 8 amp hour version, a free upgrade for a limited time.
Please note: Price is for 8 batteries.
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