A Battery is not just a Battery… focuses on replacement UPS batteries. Our focus gives us buying power among leading battery
distributors which allows us to pass incredible savings on to you. At, we don't cover up the label of
a cheap generic battery so you are not aware what brand you are buying. We offer the highest quality batteries at low prices. has nothing to hide.


We know that you want more than just top quality UPS batteries at substantial discounts. At, we
continually evolve to ensure that each and every customer receives the support that you deserve. From helping you select the
right battery for your UPS, to purchasing and delivery to your door: we utilize the latest e-commerce and Internet technologies to
provide real-time order status information, tracking numbers, safe and secure SSL encrypted transactions and much more.
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Company Info is a pioneering online
e-commerce company that has created a simple and intuitive
site for consumers to locate and purchase replacement UPS
batteries at substantial discounts. Our strategically located
80,000 cubic foot warehouse in Camp Douglas, WI and Young
America, MN ensure prompt delivery to locations nationwide. At
the website, consumers
can typically find the exact stock replacement battery, along
with product information, pictures, and service that is
second-to-none at other online etailers.
The Difference

Our reputation, experience and keen industry insight permit us to negotiate the lowest
possible prices in the market. If you have a suggestion you would like to share with our
team, please let us know. is driven by customer feedback
and continues to shape our business. Your ideas are always welcome.
We Gladly
Our Commitment to the Environment... is committed to promoting the proper disposal of batteries. Please make every effort to properly
dispose of your used batteries. See below for more details or call us at 952-217-6611.


Proper disposal of used batteries is very important. Do not throw these items in your trash. Most cities will accept used
batteries for recycling at little or no cost to you. Please see your government listings in your local yellow pages for a recycling
center near you.

To find your nearest battery collection site, please

Sealed Lead-Acid batteries are 99% recyclable and we all must do our part to keep batteries out of landfills.