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UPS12-100FR C & D / Dynasty $154.00 $140.00
UPS12-140FR C & D / Dynasty $159.50 $145.00
UPS12-170FR C & D / Dynasty $203.50 $185.00
UPS12-200FR C & D / Dynasty $236.50 $215.00
UPS12-270FR C & D / Dynasty $264.00 $240.00
UPS12-310FR C & D / Dynasty $302.50 $275.00
UPS12-370FR C & D / Dynasty $341.00 $310.00
UPS-12-475FR C & D / Dynasty $522.50 $475.00
UPS12-530FR C & D / Dynasty $561.00 $510.00
UPS6-620FR C & D / Dynasty $341.00 $310.00
UPS12-100MR C & D / Dynasty $151.20 $131.50
UPS12-150MR C & D / Dynasty $191.48 $166.50
UPS12-210MR C & D / Dynasty $209.95 $185.50
UPS12-300MR C & D / Dynasty $252.60 $219.50
UPS12-350MR C & D / Dynasty $285.50 $249.50
UPS12-400MR C & D / Dynasty $298.50 $259.50
UPS12-490MR C & D / Dynasty $454.50 $395.50
UPS12-540MR C & D / Dynasty $465.95 $406.50
UPS6-620MR C & D / Dynasty $347.95 $302.50
Dynasty HIGH RATE MAX SERIES - 3 Year Warranty
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C&D Technologies Standby Power Division's Dynasty High Rate Max batteries have been engineered specifically for UPS
applications, delivering maximum life while complying with rigorous industry standards.
In critical standby power applications,
maximum battery life is essential.
C&D Dynasty brand High Rate Max
Batteries have been specifically
designed for maximum life to comply
with rigorous industry standards. This
is achieved utilizing computer
modeling, proper component
materials selection and overall
design criteria, as well as
state-of-the-art automated
manufacturing techniques. This has
been validated through extensive
life-cycle testing as well as years of
in-service life in UPS applications.
Manufacturer Approved Replacement Model Chart
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We Gladly

We source our C&D Dynasty UPS batteries directly from C&D's inventory. Because of this, our C&D batteries have fresh date codes
due to continuous stock rotation and strict quality control.  The batteries you order from us will always include the manufacturers
warranty and we will provide documentation. The C&D warranty on the
High Rate Max UPS battery series is 3 years from the date of
manufacture, with a 10 year design life. Most orders ship within 24 hours for prepayment and credit card, and 72 hours on approved